Monday, September 17, 2012

Django learning resources

Here is my list of Django learning resources, with brief explanations. I will use this both to help the community and as my personal reference, so I will try to keep this page updated. Since django is a web applications framework, and is written in python, I include resources for learning html5, css, javascript and python at the bottom.

Feel free to include other resources in the comments, and I will try to incorporate them.

Introductory Django resources

  • Django tutorial - This is the starting point, from django project. You also want to have the documentation site on your bookmarks :) 
  • The Django Book -  This is a much deeper intro, but covers version 0.96 (we're at 1.4 now); there is a review in process, to update it, but doesn't seem to have progressed much.
  •  Django by Example - This is another great resource, although slightly outdated (covers django 1.2). It develops a series of applications (todo list, blog, photo-sharing, forum and calendar).
  • Django Djourney -  I'm not a big fan of screencasts, but this series is pretty decent; The django project also keeps a list of screencasts.
  • Django for the impatient: Building a blog - This is a chapter from a django book, and a decent tutorial. I don't like that it's divided into 10 pages to make you click more, but ...

 Learning Python

Web development (html, css, javascript)

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